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Downtown Digital USA, Printing Services, Knoxville, TN
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How To Send Us Files:
  1. If this is an EXACT REPEAT job, please DO NOT upload the artwork again; send us an e-mail with the information below and it will speed up your job by as much as a day!

  2. To avoid fees/delays make sure your artwork is made to our guidelines. (Using our templates speeds things up tremendously!) To view our guidelines, CLICK HERE

  3. Please upload each product separately.

  4. Below is a list of questions we'd like to know about the file you are uploading; if you don't know the answer(s) just leave it blank:

  5. Copy the above info, open our upload page by CLICKING HERE and paste the above info into the "MESSAGE" field.

  6. Enter your e-mail address in the appropriate slot so we can reply to you if we have any questions.

  7. Drag and drop the file(s) you are sending into the "Add Files" area.

  8. Click "Transfer" and you're done!